Hi , I’m Nikki, a qualified expressive and creative Arts Psychotherapist and a member of ANZACATA (The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association). I  have a Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy and an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy from the IKON Institute in Brisbane. I have also completed a diploma in energetic healing with a certificate in meditation (Nature Care College).

It is always my mission to provide a safe space for people to explore and grow through creative processors. My own journey of self-discovery with creative arts therapy processes enables me to hold the space for others on their journey. I am naturally empathetic, caring, gentle, understanding and accepting. These personal traits, together with the knowledge and tools I have gained through professional training, allow me to provide quality therapeutic services. I have experience in community based settings providing Creative Arts Therapy to individuals and groups with various needs. I’ve also had experience in an aged care setting and providing care for an individual in palliative care.

During my studies I completed electives for eco-psychotherapy (combining nature and psychotherapy), drama therapy and dance movement therapy. I am trained to provide a multi-modal creative therapies approach – meaning that during sessions any, some or all of the arts are able to be incorporated, depending on the person’s needs and choice. I provide a humanistic approach to creative arts therapy and incorporate guided visualisation/meditation and focusing approaches during the sessions.

Welcome to Arts Therapy with Nikki!

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